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5 lb. BAG                                                        2.75 oz BAGS                            

Java Tree Coffee
Java Tree Gourmet Coffee is a craft roasted “Specialty Grade Coffee”. Roasted in the Historic Mill District of New Hampshire, Java Tree is hand weighed, dry roasted, and air cooled in 15 kilo batches.

South Coast Refreshments is the sole distributor of Java Tree Gourmet Coffee in Southern California. Java Tree is available in 5lb. whole bean bags, and 2.75 oz. pre-portioned ground coffee.

North West Dark Roast Colombian Supremo Decaffeinated House Blend
French Vanilla Hazelnut  

2.75 oz. BAGS

Silver Cup Coffee
Silver Cup “Specialty Grade” coffee is roasted by Lingle Brothers in Los Angeles. Lingle Brothers is one of the oldest coffee roasters in California. Silver Cup coffee is packaged exclusively for South Coast Refreshments.

Silver Cup coffee is available in 2.75 oz. pre-portioned ground coffee with nine blends to choose from.

French Roast Café Maison Decaffeinated House Blend
Breakfast Blend Mona Kai Kona French Vanilla
Hazelnut Silver Cup Blend  

2.5 oz. BAGS

Diedrich Coffee

Provide your customers with great taste of Starbucks. The full bodied, rich flavor of Starbucks is available in four delicious blends.

Starbucks coffee delivered straight to you by South Coast Refreshments!

House Blend Sumatra Veranda
French Roast Decaf. Caffe Verona

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